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The First-Ever Architecture Studio to Offer

Real-World & Virtual World Design Service for its NFT holders 

What is CADIS X META ?

CADIS X META is a Venture by Nexus of Architects (DAO)

from Around the World to create and offer services in the Metaverse.


to promise REAL and VIRTUAL WORLD projects for its NFT holders.
Team CADIS will offer Architecture / Interior design Services in the REAL WORLD & In the VIRTUAL META WORLD to the Owners of this NFT. META CADIS also has an upcoming Road Map (Check our Weblinks for Updates) Elaborately to create Spaces in Virtual Reality across Metaverses (All related R&D -WIP) The Owner of this First-ever NFT Series will have exclusive Early access to all this through our unlockables that we come up with in the Future. Team CADIS X META intensively R&D's on Parametric design and Mixed Reality platforms. In REAL World TEAM, CADIS has Designed and Constructed 100 plus Projects across typologies and have a few awards and recognition on Shelf


What's Gonna Happen in CADIS X META



The Release of Our first ever NFT Collections - 25 Nos


We Commence the Proposal & Design phase for the Holders of REAL NFTs Collection

Commencement of Design for REAL NFTs

15% Sale

Unlocking of

25% Sale

The VR spaces we are Experimenting on various Platforms like UNITY, UNREAL ENGINE will be Unlocked for Exclusive VR NFT buyers - Number of spaces will be revealed soon

We Commence the Proposal & Design phase for the Holders of REAL NFTs Collection

Commencement of Design for VIRTUAL NFTs

45% Sale

Release of

60% Sale

We are Experimenting on Crazy forms and Spaces that will be integrated in AltspaceVR & SANSAR , NFT holders get exclusive access for these Spaces in Virtual worlds

We start Creating SPACES for

the METAVERSE series NFT Holders on the Platform they hold land on 

Inception of 

80% Sale

Launch of
Second Wave Collections

December - 2023

It's Too early to Predict Trends and Advancements we will face along this Journey of creating Spaces in the Metaverse. With the latest advancements in the Industry, CADIS X META will Hit back with its Second Wave of NFT Collections, Updated and in full swing.

How it



We will proceed with our ways of execution for projects based in India. For international projects, we will collaborate with the Local Architect for execution as per law & norms 

01.Buy & Reach

Buy Any one of Our NFT listed as per your requirement. 

02.Design Brief

We will discuss your Design Requirements and formulate a Brief and give a complete proposal for the Project & Kick off our Project

03.Design & Viz

We will Proceed with Normal process of Schematic design and Visualisation for the Project (more details will be a part of our Contract)

04(B) Upload & Access


We will Upload your VR world in the suggested & Discussed VR worlds and hand over the source files for your life time access

04(C) Into Metaverse


Your Dream design Space will be uploaded Into the Metaverse under your Account space.

VR Worlds & ADDons

The Exclusive access to our Add ons like the Virtual worlds etc will be Unlocked once the NFT is purchased and can be accessed by the Holders always

LISTED NFTs Collections

Tap to Know More

CADIS Virtual token 001.jpg


Coming Soon Neon Light


Know more
Coming Soon Neon Light


Know more

There is always an Awesome Reason Why

Why Buy Our NFT ?

  • It's not just an Artwork We provide Design Services in REAL , VIRTUAL and METAVERSE promised against an NFT possession 

  • The holding and passing on Value increases as CADISX gains traction in Metaverse 

  • We are the first ever Studio to do this so it has the Pioneer Value to it.

  • Exclusive Access to All spaces we ever create in the Virtual world for all NFT holders 

  • The Holders can make our Brand gain traction and get benefited from their investment as well. 

  • Your Investment boom is totally controllable you.

  • And a Lots more...........

What is a NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger.  NFTs use a digital ledger to provide a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership, but do not restrict the sharing or copying of the underlying digital files

is NFT a good investment

NFTs are the next big thing in the investment world. Early adapters and risk takers who can predict trends are already making millions trading their NFTs. It is predicted that NFTs will gain utmost momentum in 2022, so hop on the train and make your investments boom!!!!!!

Are NFT illegal in India ?

Just like Cryptocurrency NFTs are NOT regulated yet, that's all. They are not Illegal and cannot be restricted because they work on the blockchain. Many big Indian celebrities & Bigshot investors have already secretly got on the train and when the Government regulates it NFT trading might not be that beneficially booming investment

How to Buy a NFT

NFTs can be bought from various platforms. The most predominant and the largest trader is OPENSEA.IO. You can list or buy NFT from Raribles,, Veve, and even Shopify is entering into NFT trading soon

What is Gas fees

Just as the name suggests Gasfees is the fees you pay for the platform to operate and it's more like the transaction fees we pay for banks to handle our transaction as commissions. Gas fees are estimated to be between $30 to $90 however big or small the transaction is, based on the traffic on the network. So find the right time to buy when the Gas fees is optimal ($50)


Team CADIS has been affiliated with experimenting with VR AR metaverse etc since. We were always curious to indulge tech with architecture be it usage of ai in software to automate our process to experiment with computational design.

The tech is young and untested waters so we are extensively keen in indulging the best collaboration and adaptability to Architecture projects.

. We thank the pioneers of the field and most importantly our peers who are curious and keep on researching and publishing, from whom we learned more in a very short while. These peers have always been the keen source in making this fertile Space as accessible and understandable to the early adopters, we extend our sincere gratitude towards them for sharing knowledge and Enthusiasm

We are not entirely tech-oriented and concentrate only on this R&D, but our team is diversifying to bring in the ability to combine the latest tech into the real projects hence the idea for creating NFTs for a real project and virtual. 
We are working on contributing to metaverse building as

We don't have a roadmap of extensive marketing to create a false buzz and mint AI-generated NFTs in 1000s and spoil the Archi community in the Nft ecosystem. We are going to keep it simple, straightforward, and purely experimental and development related to boost and contribute to Archi society for adaptation to Web3 & Blockchain, via peer discussions, R&D, failures to learn more, and equal Contribution and rewards for everyone just like how the BLOCKCHAIN was originally intended to be.

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