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NFT Collections

The REAL CADIS Collection


For the Holders of this NFT, we at CADIS Promise to Design their Dream project in their REAL WORLD LAND. 

Holding this NFT will be considered as a Retainer / Promise by CADIS  and the other commercials can be discussed when the Design Kick starts. Team CADIS will take care of all Design remotely and will collaborate with Local Architects for the Approval and Legal parts of the Project

CADIS BLUE Token 005.jpg
CADIS Virtual token 001.jpg

The VIRTUAL  Collection

Not everyone owns a Piece of Land in a World full of Hustle. 

But Always has the ULTIMATUM about their OWN DREAM HOUSE

CADIS X META Promises to Design your DREAM PROJECT in Virtual Reality that you can indulge & Live in the Near Future.

The LAWS of REAL WORLD does not apply to the Virtual World ,so lets go crazy with this creation as you dream.

We are experimenting on various Platforms like Unity and unreal engine currently


The METAVERSE Collection


For the Holders of this NFT, we at CADIS Promise to Design their Dream project in their METAVERSE LAND. The METAVERSE is the obvious future for us in terms of tech and it is estimated that we will start spending major time there just like we spend time in front of a screen 

. CADIS X will design a customized space as per your brief for the holders of this NFT.




It's Very Simple- Golden Ticket Holders get the Service listed for REAL, VIRTUAL & METAVERSE Collection- All Perks and More as we List further.

We are also planning to give away some 3D printed Giveaways apart from the VR Spaces. We are going to be very Generous with the First buyers of Golden ticket 


We have TONS & TONS of Crazy Ideas and working on it

Unbound by the possibilities of the Virtual world we are experimenting and Developing Forms & Spaces in Various Platforms like Unreal engine, Unity, Houdini... and many more to come.

Parametric, psychedelic, delusional, Out of the World are a few Keywords we are inclined towards.

We are also planning to Integrate our Projects into SANSAR VR

The Holders of any one of our NFTs will UNLOCK access to these Virtual worlds.


And a lot lot more to the
supporters of our Journey

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