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Terms & Conditions

We are Sorry for such long and boring rantings , but we ought to say it 

  • Please make sure you read through all our terms before buying our NFT &

  • Have a look at The simplified version of the how the entire process works in our main page

  • The price or transaction paid in ETH for the NFT is not the entire fee for the customized project for the REAL, VIRTUAL as well as META NFTS

  • The  NFT purchase is considered as a retainer or the advance payment or in other words a promise from our Studio that we will start working on the project 

  • On the commencement of the process after the NFT purchase, We will Quote for the full project and kick start the work on approval and the NFT will be considered as the advance \

  • The client shall pay the rest of the fees as and when the subsequent stages arrive as mentioned in the quote given

  • The NFT how much ever traded will still hold the value as the retainer and there are no limited numbers as of now for the service provided

  • However, the retainer fee that will be considered is the initial minted value and not the value it has been traded for 

  • the services will start on dates we specify in road maps 

  • One holder can use the service only once and shall pass it on to another

  • Service applicable only for current holders when they approach us for design with the brief and not for the past holders who traded it 

  • Virtual world custom design is based on the brief discussed 

  • The Virtual Add ons we have promised for the NFT holders will be available always even if you have passed on your NFT , because we always love you.

  • You will have access to all unlockables that you gained for a lifetime.

  • Our NFTs are available on multiple platforms and we treat all the same via the same process

  • Once it's minted or started to trade in one platform we would remove its minting from others to make sure the NFT purchased is unique to its holder 

  • Our minting is usually on Polygon on ETH platform so as to save a lot of gas fees for the creator and buyer as well. The traction for polygon will catch up soon in the world of NFT 

  • For the Metaverse NFT we only develope spaces in certain Platforms that allows access for evertone to create and publish - we are working on the list of compatible platforms and will explore more metaverses as our team expands 

  • For the Metacollections we might have a few assets as free addon to our NFT holders if the platform allows creation and uploading of assets simple and inexpensive

  • Well thats it for now ... more rantings coming soon ..... 

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